About us

ContamGeo s.r.o. offers consulting, design and implementation services – geological work in the field of hydrogeology and contamination of the land and groundwater. This reflects the name of the company “Contam” = contamination, pollution, and “Geo” = geology, geological works.

We are a team of independent experts specializing primarily in land and groundwater contamination surveys, conducted most often within environmental audits or environmental due diligence (Phase I and Phase II), which we conduct as part of various investment activities of our clients. In the field of contamination, we use the experience gained during almost a quarter of a century of operation in the field, both in local companies (e.g. KAP and SEPA) and in large international corporate companies (e.g. AECOM, TYCO). Our strengths lie in our flexibility and openness to the customer and a “common sense approach” that allows us to correctly determine an objective and optimal scope of services (i.e. also an acceptable price), taking into account the customer’s purpose or needs, compliance with the necessary legislative requirements and our environmental convictions and professional pride. In general, we prefer to develop their investments on so-called brownfields as opposed to the ever-persistent trend of building on so-called “green fields”, while at the same time not allowing the concealment of environmental accidents, buried threats and other related risks.

With the deepening shortage of groundwater, we are also increasingly focusing on so-called “clean hydrogeology”, aimed at securing and economically exploiting groundwater resources and their protection. Here, we most often encounter the need to carry out hydrogeological surveys and to elaborate a hydrogeological statement on activities that could have a negative impact on surface water or groundwater resources. Therefore, our aim is to offer an optimal solution that satisfies the customer’s needs, but prevents the degradation of groundwater resources or even their plundering. We believe that more and more people are becoming aware of the richness of our country’s still sufficient supply of good quality groundwater, but also of its vulnerability. We are convinced that with a careful and conscious approach it can be preserved for use by all who come after us.