In the case of environmental audits, due diligence and contamination surveys and related activities (risk analysis and clean-ups), our clients are various manufacturing, developer and investment companies (e.g. LAUFEN CZ s.r.o., INVESTMENT & PROPERTIES a.s., Renault Retail Group Siège, AS24 s.r.o., CM PROPERTY s.r.o.), consulting companies (e.g. BUREAU VERITAS SERVISES CZ, s.r.o., EKOSYSTEM spol. s r.o., OM Consulting s.r.o., AECOM CZ s.r.o., STRATAGIS ENVIRONNEMENT), or state organizations (e.g. Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic). The geological works that we performed as part of the clean-up of soil and groundwater contamination was supervised by the Ministry of the Environment and the Czech Environmental Inspectorate.

In projects focused on the use of groundwater resources and their protection, our clients are most often individual investors / owners of specific buildings or design companies and architects.

Within the references, we present below only selected current projects / services carried out during the last approx. 1 – 2 years; we refer to the older ones by a list of implemented projects / experiences of our cooperating experts listed in their CV (that we provide only on request within the processing of the offer for a specific order).

Selected projects overview

  • ESA Phase I – environmental assessment, Liberec Region, client BUREAU VERITAS SERVICES CZ, s.r.o. – within the ESA, 4 facilities (packaging plants – asphalt and bituminous mixtures) were evaluated, especially with respect to the compliance with the ASTM E1527-13 standard, resp. identification of potential environmental problems, and also a limited assessment of the compliance of these sites with legislative requirements was performed.
  • ESA Phase I – environmental assessment, Prague, client CM PROPERTY, s.r.o. – the industrial site located in Prague 9 was assessed in terms of the potential occurrence of contamination of the land and groundwater, based on information from the sites owners and the client, information from archival sources – publicly accessible Internet servers, and especially physical inspection of the site.
  • ESA Phase I and II – environmental assessment, Prague, client Renault Retail Group and Stratagis Environment (Stratagis) – within the ESA, a comparison was made with the situation on the site 4 years ago; the implementation of Phase II was recommended in the identified areas of potential concern where 8 narrow-profile probes were drilled (depth 1 to 5 m) and sampling of soils, soil air and groundwater (in 2 existing monitoring wells) were performed incl. laboratory analyzes, data evaluation and reporting.
  • EDD Phase II – survey of potential contamination, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, customer OM Consulting s.r.o. and Myonic – 3 narrow-profile probes (depth 2 m) and 2 temporarily equipped mapping wells (depth 6 m) were drilled. Additionally, sampling of soil, soil air and groundwater, geodetic survey of probes, laboratory analyses, and preparation of the final report were performed.
  • EDD Phase II – survey of potential pollution, Vysočany – Bor, client AS24 s.r.o. – a survey of potential contamination of soils, soil vapour and groundwater in the vicinity of a petrol station located in the industrial zone, it consisted of drilling of 3 temporary wells (8 m deep) on the inflow and outflow of groundwater (for comparison of background and of the facility influence) and right in the centre of the fuel station, where 4 shallow probes (depth 2 m) were further drilled. The work also included sampling of soils, soil vapour and groundwater, conducting an infiltration test, geodetic surveying of probes and boreholes, laboratory analyses, data evaluation and report preparation.
  • EDD Phase II, background report, Znojmo, client LAUFEN CZ s.r.o. – contamination survey for the needs of the background and baseline report with respect to the integrated prevention act; 3 narrow-profile probes (depth 2 m), 1 borehole (depth 11 m) and 1borehole on the inflow profile were drilled in the area of the fuel filling station. The collected soil samples were analysed in laboratory for the content of petroleum hydrocarbons of the fraction range C10-C40 and compared with the legislative contamination indicator and presented in the final report.
  • Sampling of construction materials, Holýšov, client INVESTMENT & PROPERTIES a.s. – the sampling of construction materials included the floors and masonry of the halls existing in the former industrial site in order to verify their potential contamination, with regard to the possibility of their recycling and re-use or possible further disposal as waste.
  • Clean-up of contamination of the land and groundwater, Prague, client EKOSYSTEM s.r.o. and Ministry od Finances of ČR – as part of clean-up, we provide partial work consisting of the operation of biological reductive dehalogenation of chlorinated hydrocarbons contamination and groundwater monitoring, including evaluation.
  • Hydrogeological survey, the whole Czech Republic, the clients are most often the property owners (resp. of the waterworks), designers and architects – we performed about 40 surveys / statements of a hydrogeologist in the last year in order to ensure sources of water supply, disposal of rainwater and water from domestic WWTPs, however, into the soil profile, respectively. into groundwater, or boreholes for the use of geothermal energy.