Phase II Contamination Survey and Risk Assessment

We usually carry out contamination surveys within the so-called Phase II, depending on the results of Phase I of the environmental investigation (environmental audit, environmental site assessment, due diligence or basic report for integrated permitting), when areas with suspected pollution were selected (so-called areas of potential concern). Exploratory works are located in such areas – most often narrow-profile probes excavated by a portable drilling set to depths of about 2 – 3 m below the ground in order to take subsoil samples, or boreholes excavated by a drilling rig (mounted on a car or own crawler) to greater depths (usually up to approx. 10 m or deeper). Probes / wells are equipped with temporary equipment for groundwater sampling. The samples taken are handed over to an accredited laboratory to perform analyzes of the expected contamination.

The description of the work performed and all findings are presented in the final report, which also includes tabular appendices with the results of laboratory analyses compared with relevant legislative indicators – contamination indicators, and graphic appendices – situation maps, contamination maps incl. direction of groundwater flow, or geological sections. In case of detection of contamination, the possible risks resulting from contamination of the land and / or groundwater are consulted with the customer, including a general cost estimate of remedial measures, which often proves to be crucial for the final decision to acquire / sell the subject facility.

Cost for conducting a contamination survey – Phase II range between about 100 to 300 thousand CZK (4K –12K EUR) excluding VAT 21%, depending on the scope of exploratory works (drilling, sampling and laboratory analyses) recommended / proposed in Phase I of the environmental investigation (EA, ESA, EDD).

In connection with the contamination survey, we can also elaborate analysis of the risks resulting from the identified contamination for human health and ecosystems. The aim of the analysis is to carry out a possible contamination survey aimed at identifying the source area and extent of contamination and identifying exposure pathways, and in particular to assess risks resulting from the contamination for recipients (employees, residents, ecosystems) and set target parameters for remedial measures, including recommendations for appropriate technical solutions. The risk analysis is submitted to the relevant state administration bodies (most often the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, and the district environmental authority or the water authority), which then decide on the imposition of remedial measure or clean-up.

Cost for the elaboration of risk analysis range between 50 and 150 thousand CZK (2K – 6K EUR) excluding VAT 21%, again depending on the need to carry out any further contamination survey and on its extent.