Hydrogeological Survey, Hydrogeologist’s Statement, Assessments, Reports

In connection with the use and protection of groundwater resources, we offer services consisting in the elaboration of a statement of a hydrogeologist (or a person authorized in the field of hydrogeology) on activities requiring quantitative and qualitative protection of water resources (or other protected areas). The elaboration of the statement is often conditioned by conducting a hydrogeological survey (even in the form of an archival data review of local hydrogeological conditions if they exist on the subject site or its immediate vicinity). In most cases, hydrogeological surveys are used to identify and verify sources of individual and collective groundwater supply (wells and boreholes for individual households, municipalities, production or agricultural facilities as part of the process of administering groundwater abstraction from these sources and to determine their protection zones, as well as to design of boreholes for geothermal energy (heat pumps), for the discharge of pre-treated wastewater into groundwater from domestic wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), or to verify the possibility of rainwater seepage into the soil profile, for the dewatering of buildings or construction excavations, and even for cemeteries with graves for the burial of human remains.

Carrying out a hydrogeological survey, resp. elaboration of the statement of hydrogeologist or the final report from the hydrogeological survey are required by the relevant legislation, and form one of the partial annexes to the application for obtaining a permit for the given project. The final recommendation / opinion is always a part of the statement / opinion / report, either positive, conditional or negative.

The cost for the elaboration of a statement / opinion / report therefore depends on the need to carry out a hydrogeological survey, resp. on the scope of technical work requiring intervention in the soil (probes, boreholes), sampling, pumping tests, laboratory analyses etc. If it is possible to conduct hydrogeological survey and prepare a statement of a hydrogeologist only on the basis of a thorough examination of the results of archival exploratory geological work carried out at the site or its immediate vicinity (usually available in the Czech Geological Survey archive – Geofond), as well as information from public Internet sources on the conditions, use and protection of groundwater, or other protection interests, and in particular on the basis of field reconnaissance. The cost for the statement is then of approx. 10 thousand CZK (around 400 EUR) excluding VAT 21%.

If we perform hydrogeological survey with technical survey work, which we are able to cover from our own resources (usually 1 to 2 narrow-profile probes drilled with a portable set to a depth of about 2 m most often to determine geological conditions and perform a bail infiltration test to assess the possibility of rainwater disposal into the soil profile, or for the discharge of wastewater from domestic WWTPs into groundwater), the cost for the statement is around 12 – 15 thousand CZK (up to 600 EUR) excluding VAT 21%. If it also includes the implementation of geotechnical survey, resp. assessment of foundation conditions for simple buildings (family houses), the cost is around 20 25 thousand CZK (around to 800 -1000 EUR) excluding VAT 21%.

In the event that the hydrogeological survey includes other technical works that we are not able to cover on our own, we take over prices from their subcontractors only with min. increase (covering mostly only administrative expenditure). It is mainly the drilling of exploratory borings and wells, where we always try to cooperate with established and reliable suppliers, further laboratory analyses (we work only with accredited laboratories), possibly others (e.g. geophysical survey, designing of water structures – wells / sumps, or geotechnical geology – complicated foundation of buildings).