Remediation, Contamination Clean-Up, Monitoring, Supervision & Data Processing

Design of remediation measures – clean-up of land and groundwater contamination according to the results of risk analysis and decision of the relevant authorities and the implementation of the actual clean-up work (or only those specifically required) are other activities that we are able to provide to the satisfaction of our clients. Part of remediation measures is always regular thoroughfull monitoring and post-monitoring, which we provide also as a partial service. Alternatively, we also act in the role of supervision supervising and controlling corrective measures performed by another contractor.

A part of our services is a processing of the obtained data in tabular overview form (e.g. comparison of laboratory results with relevant legislative indicators of contamination, descriptions of probes and boreholes – borelogs) and graphics – most often maps with both large and small scale situation of the site and sampling probes / boreholes, or contour maps with contamination concentrations and groundwater levels, and geological cross- sections. If necessary, we also process a mathematical model of the flow and transport of contamination. For data processing, we use common MS Office software tools as well as specialized software from other companies (e.g. Golden Surfer, Corel, MicroStation, or Waterloo Hydrogeologic).

As with contamination survey, the cost of the above-mentioned services depends on the scope of the work proposed in the previous phase and, of course, on the scope required by the decision of the competent public authorities.